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“Plant-powered protein: 125 recipes for using today’s amazing meat alternatives” by Nava Atlas

--Staff Picks General

There are many reasons to choose a plant-powered protein lifestyle, such as a healthful diet that is both satisfying and environmentally responsible.  For most people what stop them is their addiction to the taste of meat.  In her new cookbook, Nava Atlas offers us with various recipes to create our own meat substitutes.  In addition, Atlas provides us with meat alternatives to minimally or unprocessed plant protein that can be purchased at most regular supermarkets.

The book is illustrated with beautiful colored pictures and the recipes are easy to follow.  I tried a few recipes such as “Pasta Bolognese” and “Smoky Lentils & Sausage”, and they all came out excellent.  This cookbook is now a favorite.

If you want to try to eat a plant based diet, this is definitely a cookbook to borrow. 

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