If you would like to reserve a room to have a meeting or want a quiet place to study, take a look at what spaces are available at the Haverhill Public Library below.

Please read our Meeting Room Use Policy before requesting a room.

The Johnson Auditorium and the Milhendler Room can be reserved in advance by not-for-profit groups and the meetings must be open to the public.  If there is nothing scheduled in the Milhendler Room at the time you need to use it, you may ask at the Circulation Desk to use the room for quiet study, but be aware the room remains public so another patron can use the space, too.

Click here to reserve the Johnson Auditorium, Milhendler Room, or Framery Q POD.



Johnson Auditorium


The Johnson Auditorium is located on the 2nd floor and can hold up to 100 people.  We provide tables and chairs that you can move around to best serve your group, but we ask that you put everything back to the way you found it when you are done.  This room has a sound system, as well as a projector and screen if you would like to play a DVD or project your device. Please let us know in advance if you need any of these features. Food is allowed in the auditorium but it cannot be taken into the rest of the library and you must clean up after yourself.  Any messes or damage left behind after using the room may mean your group is no longer allowed to use the room.

Milhendler Room

The Milhendler Room is located on the 1st floor, just past the Circulation Desk, and can accommodate up to 30 people.  The room provides tables and chairs, a TV screen you can hook your device up to, a projector screen (no projector is provided), and a white board easel.


Framery Q Office POD

The Haverhill Public Library now offers a sound insulated booth for small meetings or gatherings! It is located on the first-floor of the library near the Reference Department. This booth can be reserved but if available, drop-ins are welcome. Please see a member of staff to be let into the booth as the door will be locked. While not completely soundproof at high decibel levels, this booth does allow for privacy for individuals or small groups.

The Framery Q Office POD is best for small groups of up to four people. This booth has electrical outlets, USB C outlet, a ventilation fan and is great for zoom calls and one-on-one librarian appointments.  Please read the Framery Q Office POD use policy here.

Special Collections

Special Collections is located on the 3rd floor and access to this space is limited to the hours listed below.  This room has tables and chairs and offers a quiet space.


Tuesday/Thursday 10-3

Wednesday 3-7