General Questions

What are your hours?

The Library’s hours are listed on the right-hand side of this and every page on our web site, or visit the Hours of Operation page.

Are you closed for the upcoming holiday?

See the Holiday Closings page.

Where are you located?

We are located at 99 Main Street (Rte 125 North) in Haverhill MA, North of downtown and on the block between the Haverhill District Courthouse and City Hall. Directions are available.  There is a free municipal parking lot next to the library that can be accessed from Stage Street.

How can I contact the library, or a member of the library staff, to ask a question?

You may contact us by telephone at (978) 373-1586. To reach specific staff members and departments, see our contact page.

Can I donate books?

At this time, the Haverhill Public Library is not accepting gifts of books or other miscellaneous items for addition to our regular collection or book sales. Please contact the Circulation Desk (978-373-1586 x 603) for possible alternative donation sites. Those intending a gift donation of books or other items of local history interest are encouraged to contact Special Collections (978-373-1586 x642) for an appointment to have the items evaluated by our Special Collections Librarian.

Where is the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles?

The nearest RMV is located at 229c Lincoln Ave, Haverhill, MA 01830, in Rivers Edge Plaza.

Library Cards and Borrowing

How do I get a library card?

Library cards are issued from the Main Desk. You must show proof of Haverhill residency. See the Get a Library Card page for more.

Does it cost anything to get a library card?

Library cards are issued free of charge to Haverhill residents.

What do I need to get a library card?

You need to show something with your name and address on it. This could be your driver’s license, or a piece of postmarked mail. Children 12 and under need a parent or legal guardian to sign for them. The adult’s proof of address can be used to create a child’s library card. When we create a new account a PIN number will be set up using the last 4 digits of your telephone which can be used to access your online library account.

Do library cards ever expire?

Yes, library cards expire automatically every 3 years no matter how often you use the card.  To renew your card, you just need to come in to the library and show proof of Haverhill address, like a license or piece of mail, and confirm your contact information.  If you have questions about this or are physically unable to come in to the library, please contact the Circulation Dept. at 978-373-1586 x603.

What other libraries will accept my Haverhill Library card?

Your card is good at 36 libraries in the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium.  Massachusetts residents can also create a library account at most other libraries in the state of Massachusetts with your Haverhill library card and proof of address.

How can I access my library card account online?

Please visit our OPAC, the online catalog, to access your account with your library card and PIN.  Or download our free app – MVLC Mobile.

What is my pin number?

Your pin number is the last four (4) digits of the phone number you provided when creating your library card.  Call the Circulation desk at (978) 373-1586 x603 to reset it.

How can I reserve books or renew items from home?

Please visit our OPAC, the online catalog, to access your account with your library card number and PIN.  To renew by phone, please call (978) 373-1586 x603.  Or use our mobile app – MVLC Mobile.

Can I pick up holds that are being held on someone else’s library card?

To pick up holds you need the library card or the library card number that it is reserved under.  This includes if you are a parent picking up a hold on your child’s library card.  You can save the card number on your phone, store it in our mobile app, or have the card holder call ahead with the card number and tell a librarian that you are coming to pick it up.  If you have any questions, please call the Circulation Desk 978-373-1586 x603.

Does it cost anything to check out a DVD?

No.  DVDs can be checked out for 7 days, and can be renewed one time as long as no holds are on the item.

What are your laptop and hotspot lending policies?

One laptop and one hotspot may be checked out to anyone with a Haverhill Public Library card in good standing.  These items circulate for 7 days and, if returned late, a $5 fee per day will be charged to the patron’s account.  Lost and damaged fees will also apply: $250 for a lost/damaged laptop, and $89 for a lost/damaged hotspot.  By checking out these materials, a patron is solely responsible for any and all fees and fines.

What are your late fees?

We are fine free! Lost and Damaged item fees, as well as Laptop and Hotspot late fees, will still apply as will fines applied from other libraries in our consortium.

How do I get materials if I am legally blind?

Contact Perkins School for the Blind for talking books.

Library Services

Do you have a public fax machine?

Yes! The library Information and Reference Department will fax documents anywhere in the U.S. at a cost of $3.00 for the 1st page, and $1.00 for each additional page (charge applies for each location to which we fax). We also receive faxes for $1.00 per page. For more information, see our fax page, where we also recommend several local fax services that are available to you.

Where are the bathrooms?

On the first floor, in the center of the library.

On the second floor, in the Children’s Room (for children and their caretakers only) and in the auditorium foyer during events.

Do you have a photocopier machine?

Yes! We have two photocopiers, located on the first floor near the Reference Desk.  Color copies are $.25 per page, black and white copies are $.15 per page.

Do you have a public telephone?

No, unfortunately we do not have a public telephone.

Do you have a notary public on staff?

No, but there is a notary public at City Hall in the Clerk’s Office.

How can I reserve museum passes?

You can now reserve your own museum passes online. Click here, or call the Main Desk (978-373-1586 x603) for help.

How can I reserve a meeting room?

You may view our calendar to see when our meeting rooms are free for you to reserve.  Please keep in mind that any group wanting to use a meeting room must be non-profit and open to the public. Click here to reserve a room.  Please contact the Main Desk (978-373-1586 x603) with any questions.

Do you have tax forms?

Yes! On the first floor from January to April each year. During the remainder of the year, forms are in binders in the reference section and must be photocopied.

Do you ever have a book sale?

The Friends of the Library are not currently holding any book sales.

Can I plug in my laptop?

You may plug your laptop into an electrical outlet for power, but for security and safety reasons, you may NOT plug your laptop into a telephone jack or ethernet connection.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have 802.11 B, G WiFi (Wireless Internet).  The network is called “HPLPublic” and does not require a password to connect.

Do you have computers for public use?

Yes! We have 28 Internet connected Microsoft Windows based computers with word processing and other Microsoft Office software on the main floor, and 7 Internet terminals with word processing software in the Children’s Room.

Do you charge for computer use?

We only charge for printing at a fee of $.25 per page.

Can I check my email here?

Yes!  – We have links to the most popular email providers on our public computer start page.

How long can I use a computer?

Patrons will need a library card to log on to the computers.  Users may sign up 2 times a day for a 50 minute slot. (Total time = 2 hours/day)
If no one is waiting, you may extend the sessions 20 minutes in 10 min. increments.

Library Rules & Policies

What is the library’s mission statement?

The mission of the Haverhill Public Library is to serve the cultural, social, and community needs of a diverse population by providing global access to informational, educational, and recreational resources. The library fulfills this mission in an enthusiastic and professional manner while maintaining the respect and dignity for its staff and patrons with excellence and superior quality of service.

What are the rules for library behavior?

The library has a behavior policy which states the library is a place for everyone, but we expect users to be respectful of themselves and others, as well as respectful of the library.

How does the library choose which materials to buy?

The library takes many factors into account when considering an item for purchase. Please view our Materials Selection Policy online.

What is the unattended children policy?

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by someone older than 14 years of age.  You can read the full policy here.

What are the rules for the Internet and computer use?

The library has an acceptable use Internet policy which states the library is a place for everyone, but we expect users to be respectful of themselves and others when using the Internet. We also have a printing policy. Computer users are expected to adhere to the library behavior policy as well.

Reference and Research

How do I connect to the library’s Online Catalog?

Log-on to My Account through the library’s Online Catalog. You will need your library card number and your PIN.  The default PIN is the last 4 numbers of the phone number on your library account.  Call the Circulation Desk if you need your PIN reset (973) 373-1586 x603.

What newspapers do you have in your collection?

We offer a variety of newspapers, and the dates of coverage vary. Please see our list of newspapers.

What magazines do you have in your collection?

We offer a variety of magazines. Please visit our magazine page for a complete list of titles. You can also access many more digital magazines online through Overdrive.

How do I research magazine articles?

Visit our Digital Resources page. You may log on from home or from within the library. When you are in the library, we would be happy to show you how to look for articles using our library computers.

Do you have the laws of Massachusetts?

Yes, some of it is in books, but most Massachusetts legislative and regulatory law is now available on the Internet at Please ask at the Reference and Information Desk for assistance with your legal questions.

May I check out a Reference book?

No, reference books, labeled “RR,” do not circulate. However, we may be able to give you a similar item (such as last year’s edition of a reference source), order the same item from a library that does allow it to circulate, or photocopy the information.  Ask at the Reference Desk for your options.

Finding Books and Materials in the Library

Do you have a card catalog?

Not anymore!  But please ask a librarian to look up a title for you or to show you how to use the online catalog.

How do I find a book that I want?

Please ask a librarian to look up a title (978-373-1586 x608), to show you how to use the online catalog, or to request items from other libraries in the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium.  We can also request items from other libraries for you! Most libraries in the state of Massachusetts are linked and we can get books for you within two to four weeks.

Can I get a book that you don’t own?

Yes! If we do NOT own the book, we may consider it for purchase. We appreciate patron recommendations and place reasonable patron requests at a priority. Alternatively, we can request items, even videos and DVDs, from other libraries!

Where are the encyclopedias?

Current encyclopedias are located in the Reference area. Older editions are available for checkout. Please ask a librarian for assistance if you do not find enough information in an encyclopedia.

Where are the Cliff’s Notes?

Cliff’s Notes are generally shelved next to the book it is about in the Nonfiction stacks.

Where are the phone books?

Telephone books are located behind the Reference/Information desk.

Where are the issues of Consumer Reports?

Copies of Consumer Reports are located in the Reference Collection and the Magazine Room. The Haverhill Library also subscribes to an online version of Consumer Reports and can be found under Digital Resources.

Where are the Travel Books?

Travel books have been relocated to the beginning of the nonfiction collection. Travel videos have been incorporated into this collection. Travel books are all books with call numbers that begin with “Travel.”

Where are the Biographies located?

Biographies are located along the outside wall near the non-fiction collection. They are shelved alphabetically by the last name of the person the book is about. Autobiographies and biographies are interfiled.

Where are the Books on CD — books with call numbers that begin with Audio?

Books on CD and Playaways are located on the first floor of the library in the back between the music CDs and DVDs.

Where are the YA books — books with call numbers that contain YA and others?

The YA area is located on the first floor in the back of the library. Here you will find YA fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, and biographies, as well as Books on CD and Playaways.

Where are the books with call numbers that start with RR?

Books that start with RR are located on the first floor in the Reference Collection at the Reference Desk. They may not be removed from the library.

Where are the books with call numbers that start with GR, R, or H?

Books marked GR (General Room) are available in Special Collections. They may not be checked out. Books marked with R (reference) or H (Haverhill) are located on the third floor in Special Collections. They may not be removed from the library.

Where are the books with call numbers that start with “J” ?

“J” means the item is a “juvenile” or children’s book, and located on the second floor in the Children’s Room. The Children’s Room serves up to grade 6; not all books labeled “J” are for babies!