The Haverhill Public Library believes in providing timely access to information and creative works for every level of interest and ability, from a variety of formats. The Internet, a vast global electronic network, is a significant electronic information resource and offers information of many kinds, both education and recreational.

Although the Internet offers access to many valuable sources of information, not all the information on the Internet is accurate, complete or current. Users must be good information consumers, questioning the validity and appropriateness of the material they find.

Given the size and constantly evolving nature of the Internet, there may be occasions when information of a controversial nature is accessed. Some sites may contain material that is considered by some to be defamatory, offensive or even illegal. The Library recognizes that tastes vary widely in any community, and material which is acceptable to one person may be unacceptable to another. The Haverhill Public Library does not endorse the viewpoints, or vouch for the accuracy of information obtained online.

The Library seeks to provide equal access to information for persons of all ages, preserving minors status as full members of the Internet community. Parents and guardians of children under the ages of 18 are responsible for deciding what library materials are appropriate for their children. Supervision or restriction of a child’s access to the Internet, as with other library resources, is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. The Haverhill Public Library strives to provide parents and guardians with the tools and skills necessary for guiding their children’s Internet use. We believe that electronic information skills are fundamental to the preparation of citizens and future employees.

We strive to protect the First Amendment rights of our patrons, and their individual rights of privacy. However, as Internet workstations are located in public areas, images on the screen and paper printouts of those images may be visible to a wide audience. Internet users must respect the rights and sensitivities of others, which is consistent with the library’s general rules of conduct. Failure to use Internet stations appropriately and responsibly may result in revocation of Internet use privileges.

The Haverhill Public Library, in carrying out its mission, will always strive to make information as widely available as possible to members of the community, and will do so in a manner that preserves the rights of every citizen to access that information.

Haverhill Public Library Statement on Filtering