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Museum Passes

Get great discounts on a bunch of local museums and more! Did you know you can use your library card at Haverhill Public Library to get great discounts at a variety of local museums (and more!), including the Boston Children’s Museum, New England Aquarium, Boston Harbor Island Ferry, the MFA, and Massachusetts State Parks? You […]

--Staff Picks

“The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye” by Briony Cameron

During the Golden Age of Piracy, Jacquotte Delahaye, the daughter of a French father and Haitian mother, is forced to flee her life as a shipwright in Santo Domingo when her father is assassinated. Unfortunately, the ship she escapes on is captured by pirates. She and a fellow refugee named Teresa are made indentured servants […]

--Staff Picks

Melissa by Alex Gino

Melissa by Alex Gino is a delightful story that highlights the importance of being yourself. The big, bright letters spelling “be who you are” on the back cover suggest it, but the story inside makes it clear. The titular protagonist is a young transgender girl who navigates her gender alongside interactions with family, her best […]


Summer Car Care with Chilton Library

Summer’s longer days and warmer weather lend themselves to tending to our cars. Car owners can refer to ChiltonLibrary to help keep their vehicles operating properly. Are the air conditioner and ventilation system working properly to temper those hot summer days? Are the brakes making noise? Is there an unusual smell? ChiltonLibrary includes original equipment […]