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“The Fiber Fueled Cookbook” by Will Bulsiewicz

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The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

Will Bulsiewicz
Published: 2022

The Fiber Fueled Cookbook is much more than just a cookbook filled with plant-based recipes. You will learn about the fiber paradox, how to manage food intolerances, food sensitivity, FODMAPs, synthetic substances that make it into our food system, fermentation, sprouting, holistic healing, hope for histamine intolerances, and even how to train your gut. You will also be treated to incredible recipes, with beautiful photos, such as blueberry buckwheat pancakes, sweet potato waffles, sunburst summer salad, quinoa, corn & black bean-stuffed peppers, sesame broccoli noodles, spicy peanut stew, tempeh bacon BLTA, creamy cajun bowl, and even sweet treats like Mexican hot chocolate brownies and peanut butter date cookies. Feeling hungry yet?