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Slaxx (DVD)

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Directed by Elza Kephart
Published: 2021
Age Range: Mature (Not Rated)
Genre: Horror/Comedy

Slaxx is a movie about a possessed pair of jeans that animate and horrifically murder employees of the fast-fashion company that made them. If that pitch does not grab your attention, then I do not think you will find interest with this movie, which is fine. However, should the notion of bloodthirsty clothes terrorizing mall store employees tickle your fancy then I do not think there is much more that I can say beyond recommending that you give Slaxx a watch.

The Slaxx are on the hunt!

The movie clocks in at 76 minutes, which is actually one of its strengths. You don’t need to invest a lot of time to try this film out. With such a silly premise, I was drawn in from the back-cover description. Slaxx firmly sits in the category of B-horror, aiming for camp and gore over terror and suspense. The pants are animated using practical effects, with a behind-the-scenes clip during the end credits revealing the clever trick. Character dialogue is mostly ridiculous while also being painfully close to how “hip” companies talk about themselves. The reveal of the identity of the pants-ghost is similarly silly, but fits within the genre. It all feels wonderfully amused with itself, reveling in its own satire and special effects blood, and the actors seem like they are enjoying themselves too. I had a lot of fun watching this movie with friends when we had an hour to kill.