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Running shoes? Check. Casual hoodie? Check. Fanny pack with special bone knife used to kill horrible monsters? Check. Time to go to work. Bubble is a wonderfully funny and touching sci-fi graphic novel parodying the gig economy to an interplanetary extreme. Within the corporately controlled bubble of Fairhaven, citizens live simple consumerist lives trying to […]

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Slaxx (DVD)

Slaxx is a movie about a possessed pair of jeans that animate and horrifically murder employees of the fast-fashion company that made them. If that pitch does not grab your attention, then I do not think you will find interest with this movie, which is fine. However, should the notion of bloodthirsty clothes terrorizing mall […]

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Comparing the two World Wars, WWI is often overshadowed by its bigger, flashier sequel. World War 2 had modern technology, a clear enemy, and exists more recently in the cultural consciousness. It can be easy to forget that World War 1 was just as brutal, tragic and expansive as the conflict that would follow it. […]

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Spy X Family; vol. 1

I was not sure what to expect when this new manga series cropped up in June of last year. From the outset, “Spy X Family” dresses itself up as an espionage thriller in a setting reminiscent of East and West Germany during the Cold War. For the sake of peace between the nations of Ostania […]

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The Promised Neverland; vol. 1

Not everything is as it seems at the Grace Fields Orphanage. While the children live carefree lives of simple comfort and play under the care of their “Mom” Isabella, they know almost nothing of the outside world and are forbidden from leaving the orphanage’s grounds. The children are subjected to rigorous academic tests as soon […]