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“Pearl” by Ti West

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Ti West
Published: 2022
Age Range: R

“In 1918, a young woman on the brink of madness pursues stardom in a desperate attempt to escape the drudgery, isolation and lovelessness of life on her parents’ farm.”

Happy women’s history month!

I am such a sucker for any movie or media where a woman let’s her rage get the better of her and this movie definitely delivers on that aspect. Mia Goth is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses, she fully commits to this role. I loved “X” just as much when it came out so I was very excited for this movie, and I am pleased to say it lived up to the hype! If you want a super fun, gory, tense, and over the top dramatic horror movie I would highly recommend this as well as Ti West’s “X”.

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