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Morris, Jordan
Published: 2021
Genre: Science Fiction

Running shoes? Check. Casual hoodie? Check. Fanny pack with special bone knife used to kill horrible monsters? Check. Time to go to work.

Bubble is a wonderfully funny and touching sci-fi graphic novel parodying the gig economy to an interplanetary extreme. Within the corporately controlled bubble of Fairhaven, citizens live simple consumerist lives trying to make ends meet and keep themselves distracted. Beyond the walls of the dome is the wild Brush, filled with dangerous plants, deadly animals, and people who do not want their lives managed by a company. Morgan is a Brush-baby, having been born outside of the dome, but now works as a productive social media manager for the company that runs Fairhaven. When her boss introduces her to the gig monster-slaying app Huntr, Morgan is pulled into a whirlwind adventure of creature-killing, having friends (weird, right?), and figuring out what her dad has been up to since she left home.

Fair warning here: Bubble is an adult comic. Characters talk and joke about sex, like, a lot. Much of the comedic strength in the comic comes from irreverent attitudes to serious situations, like discussing specials at chain restaurants while fighting for their lives. The art is wonderfully complimentary, with elastic expressions to keep pace with the dialogue and a unified aesthetic that makes the characters and the monsters look like they belong in the same world.

I have not listened to the podcast (of the same name) that Bubble is based on, so I cannot attest to how accurate of an adaptation the graphic novel is, but I can say that I found it to be a satisfying story. It is my sincere hope that there is more Bubble content on the horizon.