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“Wren Martin Ruins It All” By Amanda DeWitt

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Wren Martin Ruins It All

Amanda DeWitt
Published: 2023
Age Range: 14-18
Genre: Romance

There are two things that Wren Martin hates more than anything: The Valentine’s Day Dance at Rapture High, and his Student Council Vice President, Leo Reyes. When Wren becomes Student Council President (by a technicality, but that’s not important) he’s determined to make the school better by doing away with the Dance and using the money to actually help the student body. But his plans are thwarted by Leo when he suggests sponsoring the dance through the third thing Leo hates more than anything: The Buddy app, a totally-not-a-dating-app that’s taken the school by storm. Now knee deep in party favors and an unplanned and unwanted crush with his Buddy test subject, Wren has to navigate his way through the most anticipated party of the school year while somehow stumbling his way into happiness.

A wonderful book full of fun, wit, and high school drama, “Wren Martin Ruins It All” is an absolute delight to read. Wren himself is a wonderfully messy and fleshed out character, as well as a beautiful representation of the hardships of being asexual in high school. He had me laughing and crying all the way through, and his personal struggles with his school life, home, and identity made the book highly relatable and interesting to read.