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Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

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Twice Shy

Sarah Hogle
Published: 2021
Age Range: Young Adult - Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Maybell Parrish inherits her aunt’s estate in the Smoky Mountains, it’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh, away from her terrible bosses and toxic “friend.” But once she arrives at her new home, she’s shocked to learn she has to share the property with the hot but brooding groundskeeper, Wesley, who has (surprise!) co-inherited the property. It turns out Maybell and Wesley have very different ideas about what to do with the estate, are wildly attracted to each other, and both struggle with mental health issues—let the angst begin.

Both characters come to the story with real-life problems that affect how they act and react to one another. Maybell is a kindhearted people pleaser who regularly loses hours of her life as she involuntarily falls into daydreams about her imaginary coffee shop. Wesley’s challenges–social anxiety and claustrophobia–while somewhat apparent as part of the plot, aren’t fully disclosed until later in the novel as he opens up to Maybell when their relationship develops.

This novel may be fun for people who enjoy enemies-to-lovers romances, and those who prefer sweet to spicy. It may also appeal to people who like home repair and DIY-based romances, as well as those who enjoy stories set in coffee shops or who like to read stories with representations of mental health challenges. It’s really got a bit of everything for everyone.

You can check out the book here or the ebook through Overdrive or the Libby app