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The Promised Neverland; vol. 1

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The Promised Neverland volume 1

written Kaiu Shirai with art by Posuka Demizu
Published: 2017
Age Range: 16+
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Not everything is as it seems at the Grace Fields Orphanage. While the children live carefree lives of simple comfort and play under the care of their “Mom” Isabella, they know almost nothing of the outside world and are forbidden from leaving the orphanage’s grounds. The children are subjected to rigorous academic tests as soon as they can read and write and are comparatively ranked against their peers. Pre-teens Emma, Norman and Ray exhibit exceptional physical and mental capabilities and help Isabella to care for the other orphans.

Emma and Norman arrive at the gatehouse to give Conny her stuffed bunny

When one of their siblings, Conny, is adopted but leaves a favorite toy behind, Emma and Norma race to get it to her before they depart. What they find at the orphanage’s gatehouse will shatter the illusion of their idyllic life and put them into conflict with their beloved caretaker Isabella.

The Promised Neverland is an exceptional dark fantasy with captivating twists and a deliciously tense atmosphere. With beautiful art that spans the spectrum of picturesque fairytales to macabre tableaus and a well-crafted plot, each piece comes together in gripping harmony. Having read through the series to its conclusion, I am happy to say that I was never let down and enjoyed it to the very end.

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