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“One Last Stop” by Casey McQuinston

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One Last Stop

Casey McQuiston
Published: 2021
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ+, Fiction

August’s New York experience is much like most transplants. Crowded subway rides, a diner job handing out greasy plates, and a slew of new roommates to adapt to. What isn’t typical is her encountering the most incredible girl on her train ride over and over again. What makes it stranger? This girl, Jane, with the perfect swoopy hair and leather jacket, has been stuck on that train since the 1970s.

I should have known by the description that this book would take an almost science-fiction turn with the time travel aspect, but I was still surprised by it. It didn’t feel shoe-horned in or unwelcome and as someone who doesn’t read a ton of science fiction, I was pleasantly surprised at how McQuiston handled the subject. If you love “Red, White & Royal Blue” this is definitely a departure story-wise, but when it comes to the likeability of characters and tone it will almost definitely still appeal to you.

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