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The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

Looking for the perfect read to get into (or maybe wrap up) this spooky season? The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix is the horror book for you, especially if you’ve ever wondered what happens to the sole survivors of slasher films after the ambulances clear and the credits roll. You’ll root for Lynnette […]

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Running shoes? Check. Casual hoodie? Check. Fanny pack with special bone knife used to kill horrible monsters? Check. Time to go to work. Bubble is a wonderfully funny and touching sci-fi graphic novel parodying the gig economy to an interplanetary extreme. Within the corporately controlled bubble of Fairhaven, citizens live simple consumerist lives trying to […]

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The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green

Author John Green is best known for his thoughtful and often melancholy Young Adult novels, including The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns.  But in this, his first non-fiction book, readers will find a delightful (and often melancholy) collection of thought-provoking essays that interweave the author’s personal experiences and his sincere interest in the […]

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Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms

Annie is a top student, but her anti-social behavior makes the guidance counselor think she’ll have trouble getting into college and recommends that she tries some extracurriculars. Annie’s mom did cheerleading when she was in high school and convinces her to try out for the cheerleading team. Through cheer, Annie reconnects with an old friend, […]

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“Fox & I: an uncommon friendship” by Catherine Raven

In an isolated mountain valley in Montana, Catherine Raven and a wild red fox meet, and gradually become friends.   Does it remind you of “The Little Prince” by Antoine Saint-Exupéry?  Raven must have thought the same because she spent some time reading that book to Fox, and makes some comparisons between her and Saint-Exupéry.  But […]

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Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid has quickly become one of my favorite authors and she’s hit another homerun with Malibu Rising. Told in alternating timelines between the 1950s and 60s, and 1983, Malibu Rising tells the story of the fictional rock legend, Mick Riva’s four children. The 50s and 60s chapters tell the story of Mick and […]

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Comparing the two World Wars, WWI is often overshadowed by its bigger, flashier sequel. World War 2 had modern technology, a clear enemy, and exists more recently in the cultural consciousness. It can be easy to forget that World War 1 was just as brutal, tragic and expansive as the conflict that would follow it. […]

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“Our Italian Summer” by Jennifer Probst

Our Italian Summer tells the story of three generations of Ferrari women- Allegra, Francesca (Allegra’s mother), and Sophia (Francesca’s mother). While Sophia has a close bond with her granddaughter, Francesca’s focus on her company’s success has caused a rift between her and her daughter. Each woman feels unappreciated and misunderstood. Realizing that Francesca and Allegra’s […]

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“The hummingbirds’ gift” by Sy Montgomery

Sy Montgomery, author of “The Soul of the Octopus”, wrote another little gem with the story of the miraculous recovery of two abandoned baby hummingbirds. When Brenda Sherburn, a volunteer hummingbird rehabilitator in California, received two orphaned birds, they were not much larger than bumblebees. Montgomery flew to California to help and document the process. […]

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Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir’s (The Martian) third book, starts with Ryland Grace waking up from a coma. He doesn’t know who he is or that he’s even in a space shuttle. He does know that he is utterly alone – his crewmates are dead in their beds. As his memories start to come back […]