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Die vol. 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker

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Die vol. 1: Fantasy Heartbreaker

Kieron Gillen
Published: 2019
Genre: fantasy graphic novel
Awards: Hugo Award nominee

Kieron Gillen’s Die is like Dungeons & Dragons meets Jumanji. In 1991, six friends Solomon, Dominic, Matt, Angela, Chuck, and Isabelle gather to play a roleplaying game. Solomon, the designated game master, reveals that he has created a new game for them to play. They all create their characters and choose a die. Suddenly, they are IN the game. Two years later, only five of them return.

Flash forward another 25 years, it’s Dominic’s birthday and he receives a mystery gift – a bloody twenty-sided die, Solomon’s die. He gathers the others to discuss what it means but when the box is opened in their presence they find themselves being sucked back into the game.

This fantasy world has changed in their absence, Solomon who had stayed behind is now the ruler after a long war and he has summoned them back to finish the game they started all those years ago.

This is an amazing comic series with such an intriguing premise. There are twists and turns and revelations that kept me eagerly turning the page. I read all three available volumes in two days. I know next to nothing about Dungeons & Dragons, and while I had to look up what a few phrases meant, I still enjoyed this title immensely.

The artwork by Stephanie Hans is absolutely gorgeous.