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“Book Lovers” by Emily Henry

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Book Lovers

Emily Henry
Published: 2022
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Literary agent Nora knows better than anyone that character archetypes can be found in real life – she’s the embodiment of the put-together career woman who the male lead dumps after meeting his true love in a small town.  But she doesn’t understand the appeal of “loosening up” or “slowing down to enjoy life” when she can work hard for the authors she represents and help take care of her sister Libby and Libby’s family.  She’s given up on being the heroine of her own love story when Libby convinces her to go on vacation with her to a quirky small town.  While Libby is determined to do all the stereotypical things people in romance novels do in small towns (wear flannel, have a meet-cute with the local lumberjack, save a local business), Nora is just trying to keep herself from falling apart and figure out why this trip is so important to Libby.  The last thing she expects is to find Charlie, her professional nemesis, running the local bookstore to help out his family.  Their interactions start with antagonism, but they soon find in each other a kindred spirit and what started as dislike turns into friendship, then love. But real life is never as simple as romance novels pretend it is, and they have to face the fact that circumstances may keep them apart.  This book delves into the ways people deal with trauma and grief, and finding a way to be yourself while not letting down the people you love.  A sweet and insightful book about book lovers that all book lovers will enjoy!

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