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“Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour: Painting with spirit & vitality” by Jean Haines

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Atmospheric Animals in Watercolour

Jean Haines
Published: 2022
Genre: Non-Fiction

Prize-winning and inspirational watercolorist Jean Haines is well-known for her love of watercolor. In her latest book she applies her loose, atmospheric and colorful style to a variety of animals from around the world such as cats, dogs, birds, elephants, lions, giraffes, octopus, dragonflies, and more…  Her book is full of excellent tips and techniques, with visual step-by-step instructions on how to paint specific animals, but also specific parts such as dog noses and cat eyes.  After learning how to paint an animal, Haines also expands our creativity by showing us how to paint the same animal on a background wash. 

Haines uses Daniel Smith watercolors, but any other brand will do.  She also uses watercolor ground, gold powder, ink, and even shares her own recipes to make, for example, her homemade mushroom ink.

Her book is both for beginner and advanced artists.  If you finds painting animals intimidating, this might be just the book you need to get you started.  But if you prefer to paint other subjects, Jean has also a few other books on other subjects such as “Paint Yourself Positive”.

Have fun!