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“Art of Crime” TV Show on Hoopla

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Art of Crime

Nicolas Gob & Eléonore Bernheim
Published: 2017
Age Range: PG-13
Genre: Crime Show

Captain Verlay is a police detective who knows nothing about art, Florence is an art expert whose phobia is easier to deal with when he’s close by.  Despite a vast personality difference, these two discover that they make a great team as they solve art crimes in Paris, France.  This show has all the hallmarks of the police procedurals you’re used to, but adds in some imaginative and, sometimes, supernatural elements that give it an intriguing twist.  Watching the partners clash as they figure out how to work together is fun, and the stories themselves are fascinating and well thought-out.  This show is in French with English subtitles.  Watch it through the library’s free streaming service Hoopla!  Get in touch with library staff if you need help setting it up.