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“The Last Girls Standing” by Jennifer Dugan

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The Last Girls Standing

Jennifer Dugan
Published: 2023
Age Range: 14+
Genre: Thriller

In The Last Girls Standing by Jennifer Dugan, teens Sloane and Cherry are the only survivors of a summer camp massacre. Sloane has very few memories from that night and desperate to get answers about what happened and why they were the only two to make it out alive. Cherry has filled her in as much as she can but she’s just as desperate to move on and put it behind them. When new evidence about the case is revealed, Sloane starts to become obsessive and paranoid. Cherry was the only person she could trust and now she’s starting to question that trust.

This was a dark and twisty mystery/thriller that will leave you questioning everything along with Sloane. The violence is brutal. This book is recommended to those that love a good slasher movie like Friday the 13th or Scream.