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Technology: How Can We Help?

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At the Haverhill Public Library, we are always ready to help you tackle a technology challenge.

Printing from your phone? Done.

Copying and faxing? No problem.

But it only starts there. We’re dedicated to helping you learn to make technology do what you want it to. We already offer a technology course each month. You can sign always sign up for a one-on-one help session for 30 minutes here. (Click to find the request form.)

We would like to plan more technology classes and services with you in mind. We want to offer more help and gear it to your needs as much as possible.

If you are interested, please take a moment to answer a few questions using the form linked here or shown below. Tell us what you would like to learn to do better in the digital world and how we can help.

We love a challenge! If you have questions we can’t answer right away, we can figure them out together.

Hate online forms? Send us an email at, or come talk to us at the reference desk.