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Teacher Baskets

--Teachers Kids Teens

A collection of library materials can be compiled for classroom use. Teacher Baskets include approximately fifteen library resources which will be checked out to the library card of the requesting teacher for three weeks.  Please complete the form below. Teacher Baskets require a minimum of one week’s notice.

Teacher Basket Policy:

  • Teachers must have a valid Library card in order to request a teacher basket. If you do not have a library card, you can apply for a Teacher Card.
  • Teacher Baskets will be provided for any Haverhill teacher, Haverhill residents who teach in another district, or Haverhill residents who homeschool.
  • Individuals are allowed to request a maximum of one (1) teacher basket per week.
  • Teacher Baskets are available on the pick-up day that you request, unless we notify you otherwise. Please remember this date, as we will not contact you with a reminder.
  • Teacher Baskets must be picked up within three (3) days of the requested pick up date.
  • A minimum of one (1) weeks notice is required to assemble a teacher basket.
  • Baskets will consist of 15 titles – a combination of fiction, non-fiction, and media (unless specific requests are made)