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Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

Barbara Kingsolver employs her exceptional talent for character development and world-building for the eponymous Damon “Demon Copperhead” Fields, set in Appalachia from the 1990s to today, in her retelling of Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield. For readers of the Dickens tale, it is fun exercise to compare the new and the old versions of the classic […]

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To Shape a Dragon’s Breath by Moniquill Blackgoose

Set in an alternate 1840s New England, Anequs, is an indigenous teen from the island of Masquapaug, known in English as Martha’s Vineyard. She and her people are mostly unbothered by the Anglish colonizers. When she discovers she is a Nampeshiweisit, a person who can bond with dragons, she becomes an honored member of her […]

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Shady Hollow by Juneau Black

First in a newer series of cozy mysteries, this is a fun novel for when you want an easy read with a bit of a twist. All the main characters are anthropomorphic creatures living in the quiet woodland community of Shady Hollow. Think Midsomer Murders meets Wind in the Willows. Local curmudgeon, Otto the Toad, […]

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“Book Lovers” by Emily Henry

Literary agent Nora knows better than anyone that character archetypes can be found in real life – she’s the embodiment of the put-together career woman who the male lead dumps after meeting his true love in a small town.  But she doesn’t understand the appeal of “loosening up” or “slowing down to enjoy life” when […]

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“Plain Bad Heroines” by Emily Danforth

A novel about a movie production about a novel; Plain Bad Heroines is layered enough to pull the reader in and clever enough to make it a page turner. The book centers around the school of Brookhants, an all girl’s school on the coast of Rhode Island. A cluster of deaths surrounding the school haunts […]

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The Archer by Paulo Coelho

Having previously read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I felt compelled to read his latest book The Archer. As with The Alchemist, Coelho’s writing strives to inspire the reader, in this case, through the metaphor of practicing archery. The story starts off with a foreigner seeking Tetsuya, who is known as the most gifted archer […]

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YALSA’S Best Fiction for Young Adults

YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Administration) recently released their 2021 list of the best fiction for young adults. Pictured below are the top 10. To see the complete list, visit here. Click on the image to request a copy!