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“Manhunter” by Michael Mann

Manhunter (1986) was the first installment in the Hannibal Lecter (in this movie “Lecktor”, don’t ask me why) films. Directed by Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, Collateral, The Insider), Manhunter is full of his trademark style, including striking lighting and a very ‘80s musical score. This movie is an adaptation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon, which […]

--Staff Picks

The Mallorca Files, Series 1

This BBC series follows Miranda Blake, a by-the-book British detective who is forced to transfer to Mallorca.  Spending time on the beautiful Spanish island would be a dream to anyone else, but Miranda is not thrilled.  Even more annoying is her new partner, Max Winter, a German detective assigned to Mallorca who fully embraces the […]