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Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

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Maggie Tokuda-Hall, art by Lisa Sterle
Published: 2021
Age Range: 16+
Genre: horror

Becca is new to Piedmont High and quickly attracts the attention of the most popular girls in school. To her confusion and amazement, they want her to join their squad – sit with them at lunch, go shopping after school, and attend parties. At one said party, Becca finds herself being led into the woods by a pushy boy. As she’s struggling to get away from him, her friends appear…and turn into wolves. They quickly dispose of the boy (read: eat him). Turns out when Becca was asked to join their squad, what they really meant was PACK. The girls are werewolves and each month on the full moon they must eat. To solve their hunger issue they feast on horrible boys who live outside of town. Becca accepts their invite and is turned. Everything is going great – until a boy at their school ends up dead.

This was a bitingly (pun fully intended) funny feminist story. The squad is a bit reminiscent of Mean Girls (except these girls are all extremely intelligent and offer more than just being bitchy). The cast is diverse and intersectional. I found the werewolf lore to be interesting and something fresh (for me at least, I’m not that well-versed in werewolves).

The artwork by Lisa Sterle is pretty spectacular. The colors are vibrant and the gore plentiful.

Artwork by Lisa Sterle

It’s been recently announced that Squad has been picked up to be adapted into a television series!