Researching in Special Collections

The Haverhill Public Library Special Collections is available to all researchers. Special Collections has established policies to protect the library and to ensure the preservation and longevity of the materials, and such policies apply equally to all persons. Researchers may access all materials which are not restricted by law or donor agreement. Unprocessed materials, and materials which are so fragile that they may be damaged by further use, may also be restricted. Duplicate copies, such as photocopies or microfilm, may be substituted for originals if the original material is deemed too fragile for use.

Special Collections materials are provided for use by researchers for private study and research only.  Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, sell, or display materials should be requested by filling out a Permission to Use Materials form and paying any associated usage fees. Permission of the copyright owner should also be obtained, if not owned by Haverhill Public Library. Researchers may begin their research immediately but must wait for approval before making or receiving copies of the materials.

All researchers must check in with the librarian in Special Collections when they arrive before they can begin their research. Researchers are required to register with the librarian on duty and to sign a copy of the Collection Use Policies. Please find a copy of the Collection Use Policies below for your referral. To protect the historic materials, which are fragile, unique, and irreplaceable, Special Collection materials may only be used in the Special Collections Reading Room under the supervision of staff during Special Collections’ open hours.

Collection Use Policies

If you have any questions about these polices or any other procedures please contact Special Collections.