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Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim

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Sophie Go's Lonely Hearts Club

Roselle Lim
Published: 2022
Age Range: Young Adult - Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sophie Go is finally out of her parents’ home and ready to start her career as a professional matchmaker. However, she faces one major problem, despite her natural matchmaking skill and ability, she did not quite graduate from matchmaking school. She forges ahead, moving into a swanky apartment complex in Toronto and begins networking and meeting potential clients. She unexpectedly finds herself matchmaker to the elderly as she teams up with the self-styled Old Ducks Club, a group of older residents in her building. Sophie grows her business and grows herself with the help of her new friends, as she learns to stand up to her toxic parents and how to allow romance into her own life.

This heartwarming story is part contemporary romance, part coming of age, with a side of magical realism. Sophie is an easy character to root for, as are the Old Ducks. It was satisfying to watch the relationships forms between Sophie and her new found family. The book was lighthearted enough to be enjoyable while also touching on some more serious topics like learning to set boundaries, loneliness, and aging. This is a good pick for anyone who prefers their romance to involve more than just the two main characters, anyone who appreciates baking in their novels, The Beatles, or those who like stories about groups of friends or found families.