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“Slime: A Natural History” by Susanne Wedlich

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Slime: A Natural History

Susanne Wedlich; translated by Ayça Türkoğlu
Published: 2022
Age Range: adult
Genre: nonfiction

Are you looking for a gooed popular science book? Slime: A Natural History by Susanne Wedlich, translated from German by Ayça Türkoğlu, oozes charm. The text touches on the biology of slime of all kinds, from organisms like slime molds to secretions like mucus, but doesn’t get mired in complex scientific details. The book also covers the cultural impact of these substances, from design to literature to, of course, film.

It’s snot always appetizing, and some readers might feel that it sometimes borders on sappy, but if you’re willing to muck around with a broad overview of an under-appreciated aspect of nature, this book, Slime: A Natural History might gel with you.

If you’re not put off by this sticky subject, avoid the viscous cycle of procrastination. Place a hold here, or check out the digital version.