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Ron’s Gone Wrong

--Staff Picks Kids

Rob's Gone Wrong

20th Century Studios
Published: 2021
Age Range: Kids
Genre: Animated Films, Children's Films, Robots

“Ron’s Gone Wrong is a computer-animated film set in a world where it’s the norm to have B-Bots, digitally connected robot companions. Barney is a shy middle-schooler who is the last one in his city to finally get Ron, his B-Bot. Unfortunately, his “Best Friend Out of the Box” becomes a major pain, malfunctioning on a regular basis. Not knowing what else to do, Barney sets out to teach Ron about social cues and what it means to be a human.”

This is a touching movie about accepting one’s differences and those of others. Filled with lots of fun action to entertain, this film strikes a great balance between its serious and playful tones. I would highly recommend this movie to families that enjoy coming of age stories with a twist – i.e. The Iron Giant, Wall-E, etc.!

Get the popcorn ready, and buckle up for some robot antics with a LOT of heart!