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Polite Society [DVD]

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Polite Society

Directed and written by Nida Manzoor
Published: 2023
Age Range: PG-13
Genre: Movie
Awards: British Independent Film Award for Best Debut Screenwriter

Ria Khan wants nothing more than to become a famous stuntwoman, so she puts all of her prodigious determination and energy into making a name for herself online.  She is bullied at school and discouraged by her parents for this dream, so she relies heavily on her older sister Lena.  Lena has dropped out of art school and is back at home, moldering away without a clear direction for her life now that being an artist didn’t work out.  When handsome, successful Salim seems interested in her and they quickly become engaged, she is hopeful that she will finally have some direction in life and get her parents’ approval at the same time.  Ria is horrified that her big sister would give up on her dreams of being an artist and do what they have both disdained their whole lives – settling down and fitting in to polite society.  She is so sure her sister needs to be rescued from this fate that she comes up with a plan to ruin the wedding.  But does her sister really need saving?  This movie is visually gorgeous and narratively intricate, with elements of heist, thriller, drama, and horror, and themes of sisterhood, growing up, and social acceptance.  You may think you know where the story is taking you, but you have no idea.  Great fun and a great movie!