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“Partners in Crime” by Alisha Rai

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Partners in Crime

Alisha Rai
Published: 2022
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Romance; Adventure

Thirty-five year old accountant Mira has achieved her goal of getting far away from her turbulent childhood and now just wants to find the perfect man to be her life partner.  But nobody is quite right, and she knows her matchmaker is about to give up on her when her aunt – the only person from her past Mira has kept in touch with – dies and her lawyer asks her to come to the will reading.

Naveen is working on getting his life back under his control after rehab by working for his grandfather’s law practice and is shocked to find out the niece of his deceased client is Mira, the one who got away years ago.  They are just going to chalk it up to a weird coincidence when they are kidnapped together by dangerous men insisting that Mira has something that belongs to them.  There follows a crazy night of daring escapes, underground poker games, and crime bosses where the truths they hid from each other while they were dating come out, and they discover that they may be each other’s perfect partner after all.

This caper is fun and exciting, but also sweet and thoughtful as Mira and Naveen find their way back to each other over the course of one wild night.  To place a hold on this book, click here!