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“Our Italian Summer” by Jennifer Probst

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Our Italian Summer

Jennifer Probst
Published: 2021
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Domestic Fiction, Romance Fiction

Our Italian Summer tells the story of three generations of Ferrari women- Allegra, Francesca (Allegra’s mother), and Sophia (Francesca’s mother). While Sophia has a close bond with her granddaughter, Francesca’s focus on her company’s success has caused a rift between her and her daughter. Each woman feels unappreciated and misunderstood. Realizing that Francesca and Allegra’s relationship is in need of repair and hoping to realize a life-long dream, Sophia urges her daughter and granddaughter to go on a family vacation with her to Italy. The vacation proves to be exactly the right remedy to bring them all together. While this story includes romance in a beautiful Italian setting, even those relationships serve to help the women see each other in a different light. In the end, they realize the importance of love, acceptance, and their familial bond.