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For over 40 years, O’Reilly has educated generations of technologists and entrepreneurs who have shaped the future of the industry. O’Reilly experts filter through the noise to help people focus on what’s most important in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

With O’Reilly for Public Libraries, you’ll get unlimited access to 50K+ titles (including O’Reilly books in early release), 30K+ hours of video, case studies from top companies, learning paths, expert playlists, and more—with nearly 1,000 topics to explore in technology and business.

Live online training courses!

Get intensive hands-on training in critical tech and business topics—led by instructors from the renowned O’Reilly network of innovators and expert practitioners.

Get the answers you need!

Just ask a quick question and O’Reilly Answers scans their resources to deliver the solution. The answer is even highlighted for your convince!

Learning Paths!

Follow along step-by-step for a structured way to dive deep into a topic. Or navigate it on your own to pick out just what you need to know.