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“Hunt the Stars” by Jessie Mihalik

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Hunt the Stars

Jessie Mihalik
Published: 2022
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Science Fiction/Romance

It’s only been a few years since the war with the Valovians ended and Octavia Zarola is trying to move past the difficult memories that keep her up at night.  She has enough to worry about keeping her bounty hunting crew alive and her ship in the air.  So when Torran Fletcher, a former Valovian general, wants to hire her for a job that will take them into the heart of enemy territory, her immediate answer is no.  But Fletcher is offering enough money to completely refurbish her ship and set her crew up for a long time, so, despite her misgivings, she agrees to the job.  When it turns out to be much more complicated than anyone expected, the two teams of former enemies end up depending on each other to stay alive.  This book has action, romance, adventures on alien planets, and a wonderfully built world to dive into.  Look for the sequel, coming out later this year!