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Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

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Terry Pratchett
Published: 1996
Age Range: Young Adult - Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Alternate World, Holiday, Humorous Fiction

This classic of holiday fantasy by the one and only Sir Terry Pratchett, like most of the Discworld novels, turns the tropes and events of our world just a little sideways–often with the effect that we can see it all a bit more clearly. And he does it, of course, with his trademark wit and wordplay.

It’s Hogswatchnight, the most magical night of the year. Hogfather–the fellow who rides around the Discworld on a sleigh pulled by his eight hogs–has disappeared. And there’s shady goings-on with the Assassins’ Guild and other mysterious players in the capital city of Ank-Morpork. It will take a special, not entirely human, someone to unravel this mystery. And who can step in and save the holiday if the Hogfather cannot be found?

This is a great holiday read not only for Discworld fans, but for fantasy fans looking to get into the holiday spirit, readers who appreciate a lot of wisdom with their wordplay, and anyone who enjoys wry British humor.

If you enjoy this or would like to fast forward to the movie, the DVD is also available here. You can also check it out as an ebook via Libby/Overdrive here.