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Daunting Movies and Haunting Reads Booklist


This month we are featuring a booklist of scary movies to watch and spooky books to enjoy! Looking for something new? We have many booklists to spark your interest!

“Hereditary” directed by Ari Aster

Watch the psychological supernatural horror film Hereditary, about a grieving family who is haunted by a tragic and disturbing occurrence. Then read “A Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay, “The Family Plot” by Megan Collins, or “The Good House” by Tananarive Due.

“The Blair Witch Project” directed by Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez

Watch “The Blair Witch Project,” where three student filmmakers set out into the forest to film a documentary on a legend known as The Blair Witch. As they become lost in the woods, an unseen evil begins to stalk and harass them. They soon realize that what they are filming is not a legend, but their own descent into a horrifying encounter with the supernatural. Then read “The Lost Village” by Camilla Sten, “The Anomaly” by Michael Rutger, or “Episode Thirteen” by Craig DiLouie.

“Halloween” directed by John Carpenter

Watch “Halloween” a movie about young Michael Meyers who, years earlier, brutally slaughtered his sister in cold blood. But for the last fifteen years, town residents have rested easy, knowing that he was safely locked away in a mental hospital … until tonight. Tonight, Michael returns to the same quiet neighborhood to relive his grisly murder again … and again … and again. Tonight is Halloween! Then read “Clown in a Cornfield” by Adam Cesare, “The Whisper Man” by Alex North, or “Final Girls” by Riley Sager.

“Scream” directed by Wes Craven

Watch “Scream” a slasher film about a seemingly peaceful community, where after series of mysterious deaths, becomes a place where no one is safe, and everyone is a suspect. That is when an offbeat group of friends led by Sidney Prescott rally to unlock the town’s deadly secrets and get caught up in a lively mix of thrills, chills, and surprises. Then read “Always the First to Die” by R.J. Jacobs, “Burn the Negative” by Josh Winning, or “Survive the Night by” Riley Sager.

“Get Out” directed by Jordan Peele

Watch “Get Out” a movie about a young black man who meets his white girlfriend’s parents at their estate, only to find out that the situation is much more sinister than it appears. Then read “Cherish Farrah” by Bethany C. Morrow, “The Changeling” by Victor Lavalle, or “White Tears” by Hari Zunzru.

“Let the Right One In” directed by Tomas Alfredson

Watch “Let the Right One In” a Swedish film about 12-year-old Oscar, a fragile and bullied boy who finds love and revenge when he meets Eli. Eli is a beautiful but peculiar girl he befriends. She has moved into his building. Oscar does not know that she and her father are vampires. When strange disappearances and murders start happening in the town, suspicions mount from her neighbors and police. Eli must move on to stay alive or stay to help Oscar the only way she knows how. Then read “Vampires of El Norte” by Isabel Canas, “Night’s Edge” by Liz Kerin, or “N0S4A2” by Joe Hill.

“The Haunting in Connecticut” directed by Peter Cornwell

Watch “The Haunting in Connecticut” about the Campbell family who move to upstate Connecticut and soon learn that their charming Victorian home has a disturbing history. The house was once a transformed funeral parlor where inconceivable acts occurred. The owner’s clairvoyant son, Jonah, served as a demonic messenger. He provided a gateway for spiritual entities to crossover. Now unspeakable terror awaits when Jonah, the boy who communicated with the dead, returns to unleash horror on the innocent and unsuspecting family. This movie is based on a true story. Then read “The Spite House” by Johnny Compton, “The Hollow Places” by T. Kingfisher, or “The Whispering” by Sarah Rayne.