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Database Highlight: Brainfuse VetNow


VetNow is an all-in-one suite of services designed for a wide range of veteran needs. It includes help updating a resume for civilian life, navigating the VA system, or seeking local resources and support for veterans and their families. VetNow services include expert coaching and self-study tools to empower users. Users may access live, on-demand assistance from expert Job Coaches or Veteran Navigators. With VetNow, users communicate in real-time on their online whiteboard by typing, drawing, and marking up lessons and web content. Plus, users can use the secure file-sharing feature in the resume lab to submit career documents to their Job Coaches anytime. The Brainfuse test center offers practice tests for all levels of math, reading, writing, and college preparatory tests – including the SAT!

Read lessons. Watch videos. Take tests. Know more.

With the SkillSurfer section of VetNow, you can build your skills in hundreds of topics. Including college placement tests, High School equivalency tests, nursing school exams, and more! There is also Live Tutoring where users submit a question in the online classroom and receive live, one-on-one assistance from a Brainfuse tutor. The Writing Lab is where writing tutors help users become better writers by providing constructive feedback and support. The Language Lab offers help with Spanish language homework from fluent Spanish-speaking tutors. With Flashbulb, users can access and create interactive learning games, quizzes, and flashcards. 

Those looking to find a new career will find the eParachute helpful. There you can discover what you love to do and how you work best to create personalized career ideas. Then explore career options by learning about job details, salaries, and more! Other Job Tools include Live Resume and Interview Coaching, Interview Tips and Resources, Resume Templates, and more!

There is additional support for veterans navigating the bureaucracy of the VA or adjusting to civilian life. You can send questions to a Veteran Navigator and access a curated list of national and local links for additional assistance in a variety of areas.

Are you finishing your military career and not sure what to do next? Get your HPL card and use VetNow to connect with a live veteran navigator and get free assistance from a veteran with your VA benefits.

Thank you for your service and best of luck in your job search!

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