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Curious about AI?


What exactly is AI? What are the benefits to society that AI can bring? What risks does it pose? And what can we do to prepare ourselves to the increase in AI technology across all fields? If you’re curious about this topic, we have a plethora of books and resources to give you a better, well rounded look at artificial intelligence!

Did you know that A.I. systems are already used all over the place? If you’ve used Siri on your Apple device or OK Google on your android, you’ve used A.I.!

Some key points about A.I. from Gale Global Issues Online:

  • The term “artificial intelligence” was coined all the way back in 1956 by computer scientist John McCarthy.
  • AI is widely used in facial and image recognition systems, social media, online retail operations, digital driving aids, and digital voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Targeted marketing, in which user data including browsing patterns and search histories are analyzed to deliver personalized ads and product recommendations, has integrated AI technologies to great success.
  • The controversial field of facial recognition technology, which has many potential applications in law enforcement, security, and surveillance, continues to be a major focus of AI development. Critics have raised concerns about the implementation of facial recognition technology by law enforcement, asserting that use of the technology may allow law enforcement to target marginalized populations. Read this article about a robot’s programming that inadvertently made it prejudiced.
  • Image generators are powered by an AI technique known as stable diffusion, which is a deep-learning model capable of generating realistic, detailed, and accurate images from text-based inputs in a matter of minutes. The technology has provoked spirited debates about the nature of human creativity in the digital age. Here is an article by Forbes Africa about the rise of AI art.
  • Read more about A.I. including some of the predictions and concerns about artificial intelligence in this synthesized article by Gale Global Issues.

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