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Crowded v. 1: Soft Apocalypse

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Crowded v. 1: Soft Apocalypse

Christopher Sebela
Published: 2019
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Action
Awards: 2019 Eisner nominee

In the not so distant future, there’s an app for everything, including assassination. Charlie Ellison discovers she’s the newest target on Reapr with a million dollars on her head. She then makes use of a bodyguard for hire app (naturally) called Dfend where she hires Vita, the lowest rated bodyguard available. She may be the lowest rated, but Vita is a total badass and protects Charlie from countless assassination attempts as they race through Los Angeles. One question remains – why is Charlie listed on Reapr and who started the campaign?

This was such a fun comic to read! It’s non-stop action, hilarious, and the artwork by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt is really great. I recently read the second volume, Glitter Dystopia, and it was just as good, if not better. I’m anxiously awaiting for more!