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Cleat Cute

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Cleat Cute

Meryl Wilsner
Published: 2023
Age Range: Adult
Genre: Romance

This sports rom-com follows Phoebe Matthews, a young hotshot player who has just been called up to the US National Team World Cup camp for the first time, and Grace Henderson, the veteran superstar who has been on the team for 10 years (and is only 26). Phoebe has idolized (and crushed on) Grace for years and is trying to not let that distract her from her World Cup goals. But once they start playing for the same league team their attraction for each other gets the best of them. What comes next is a hilarious, sweet (and spicy) romance full of miscommunication, soccer action, and a fantastic New Orleans setting.

This is the perfect book for those missing the Women’s World Cup and lamenting the near end of the current NWSL season.