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Beanstack Reading Challenges for Adults!


Looking for a way to track your reading? Look no further than the reading challenges on Beanstack! This platform is a free app and website where you can track what you read and for how long. We host challenges for adults, teens, and children all year long! Beanstack is a great way to keep you and your family on track with your reading goals.

How Does it Work?

Beanstack motivates you to grow your reading habits through “gamification.” Gamification features include badges, reading streaks, achievements, friends, and leaderboards to motivate all types of readers and learners. Badges help mark your progress, earn them for hitting reading goals, completing activities, submitting book reviews, or finishing a specific book. You can also review titles you have logged and connect with friends!

As you log your reading, your reading streaks grow visually which help to motivate your reading habits! Join the fun online or through their app, see below for more infomation.

How to Register

Registering through the website:

  1. Go to and choose Register an Individual or Family.
  2. Click on No when it asks if you have previously used Beanstack with Haverhill Public Library.
  3. Select I am registering myself.
  4. Complete all the required fields. Keep track of your email and password.
  5. You will be automatically pre-registered or registered for any reading challenges available for your age group.
  6. You will be asked if you wish to register another adult or any children. If you say Yes, complete the required fields.
  7. Once you are registered, you will be taken to a Reader Dashboard page. This is where you will track the books you’re reading and write reviews or participate in current reading challenges.

It’s possible to access and use Beanstack in other languages. Scroll down to the bottom of any screen and click Select Language.

Registering through the app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Download and open the Beanstack Tracker app.
  2. Choose At my library, school or bookstore.
  3. Using the Find a Site search bar, type Haverhill.
  4. Select Haverhill Public Library (MA).
  5. At the bottom of screen, you’ll see Don’t have an account? Select Sign up!
  6. Select No when asked if you have previously used Beanstack with Haverhill Public Library.
  7. Create an account by adding an email and creating a password. Select Continue.
  8. Add your First and Last Name and select Continue.
  9. Add a Phone Number and Zip Code. (This is optional.) Select Continue.
  10. Choose a Library. Entering your Library Card Number is optional.
  11. Your account is created! You can add additional information about yourself or add additional readers.
  12. You will be directed to the challenges we are currently offering. Choose any upcoming Challenges in which you would like to participate, or you can use Beanstack to track the books you’re reading and write book reviews!

A fun feature with the app is once you enter a book title, it is possible to use a timer to track how long you read!

Find More Challenges to Join!

Visit the Beanstack Challenges page on our website to find more ways to spice up your reading!