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“All Systems Red” by Martha Wells

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All Systems Red

Martha Wells
Published: 2019
Genre: SciFi

This fantastic science fiction novella (the start of a fantastic series!) focuses on a main character who is eminently relatable: just wanting to be left alone to watch TV shows and hoping to avoid social interaction if at all possible. The surprising thing? The main character is a construct – an android with human parts – that calls itself Murderbot. After hacking its governor module so it is no longer compelled to obey commands sent by its owners, Murderbot is just hoping no one will notice so it won’t be decommissioned. However, when its current job protecting a group of scientists goes very wrong, Murderbot finds it is willing to go pretty far to make sure its humans make it out alive.

Clever, drily funny, and attention-grabbing from start to finish, this surprisingly human adventure is well worth a read. To place a copy of All Systems Red on hold, click here! Then you can check out the rest of the series!