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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson
Published: 2020
Age Range: 14+
Genre: young adult mystery, thriller

5 years ago the quiet town of Fairview, Connecticut was rocked by a murder-suicide involving two teenagers. 17 year old Pippa Fitz-Amobi, however, doesn’t believe that Sal Singh actually murdered his girlfriend, Andie Bell, and then killed himself days later. So when it’s time to declare her senior capstone project, she decides to investigate and find out what really happened. She soon finds herself uncovering dark secrets about people she’s known for most of her life – and those people don’t like it.

This was a WILD ride of a book! There were so many twists and turns that it kept me guessing until the very end. Chapters are interspersed with entries from Pip’s capstone journal, as well as with transcribed phone interviews with witnesses. I really liked the character of Pip as well as her core group of friends and family.

The sequel, Good Girl, Bad Blood, was just released and there’s a third on the way!