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Rexommendation Boxes Update


Kids Rexommendation boxes are getting a revamp! Starting in the new year, rexommendation boxes will be distributed bimonthly. When you sign up, you will be assigned to either odd months or even months. All registrations will be good for one (1) year or six (6) boxes.

Because we want to specially curate our Rexommendation boxes to the best of our ability, everyone previously signed up is asked to resign up with their updated book preferences.

Rexommendation boxes are curated boxes with two (2) to three (3) specially chosen books and a toy or activity. The books have to be returned in three (3) weeks, but the toys are yours to keep!

Rexommendation boxes are for kids ages 0-12. If you are 13+ feel free to sign up for our FYRE Subscription box for teens.

Sign up today for a new year of Rexommendations!