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Introducing Peterson’s Career Prep


At the end of September this year, Gale replaced its Career Transitions resource with Peterson’s Career Prep. HPL now offers this new resource to cardholders. Peterson’s Career Prep contains user-friendly tools for discovering career paths and crafting professional resumes and job application materials. Here’s how Gale describes it:

Choosing a career path doesn’t come easy. Whether you’re heading straight into the workforce or you’re entering college first, our career tools help you get a handle on what you’re interested in, the skills and training you’ll need, and what you can expect from your career path. Discover which careers suit you best, research potential career options, and explore the requirements and outlooks for the occupations you’re interested in.

Career Prep has three main categories:

  • Create a resume

A resume-building tool. Make your resume using one of the available templates, then export or share when you’re done.

  • Find a Career

Fill out a questionnaire and explore career paths, including educational and training opportunities as well as employment, that align with you.

  • Advice

Learn more about the process of finding a career through guided modules. These modules cover various steps and components of finding and succeeding in a career.

HPL has a number of other electronic resources relating to jobs and careers, too.

Check out Peterson’s Career Prep today!