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Geometric Cats

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Tuesday, December 14 at 4pm

Make your cat bold, with bright colors and geometric patterns in the style of artist Laurel Burch. Learn how to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of a cat. Staple your paper cat to another piece of paper, and stuff the inside with paper to make a standing 3-D cat! These make great gifts.

This program will be held virtually on Zoom for ages 6-11.
Registration required.

Please gather the materials before the class starts. We will send you a PDF template before the program.

●5 sheets of white printer paper
●Black marker
●Markers in a variety of colors or crayons
●Newspaper to protect your work area

Need materials? e-mail with what you need at least 24 hours before the program. We will have the supplies ready for you at the children’s desk!