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March Adult Events at HPL

Check out these adult events happening in March! 3/1 | 10am-12pm | Friday Flicks Join us Friday mornings for a movie! In honor of Women’s History Month, this month we are showing movies featuring impressive women! Today we watch A League of Their Own (1992), starring Geena Davis. 3/4 | 6-7:30pm | English (ESL) Conversation […]

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“Design For Living” by Ernst Lubitsch

As a person who watches a fair number of Hollywood movies from the 1940s (which tend to be fairly tame or suggestive at most), watching pre-Hays Code movies from the 1920s and ’30s is always a bit shocking. They knew about the birds and the bees back then??  Apparently so—t​he birds and the bees are […]

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February Adult Events at HPL

Check out these adult events happening in February! 2/6 | 7-8pm | Democracy Talks: College Admissions & the Changing Landscape of Affirmative Action (VIRTUAL) In 2023, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a landmark decision that race-based affirmative action programs in college admissions processes violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth […]

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January Adult Events at HPL

Check out these adult events happening in January! 1/2 | 10am-12pm | Classic Matinees: Tough Ladies Join us Tuesdays in January for classic matinees featuring the toughest ladies you’ll ever see on screen. Today we watch Detour (1945) starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. 1/3 | 6-7:30pm | Google Account Tips, Tricks & Hidden Gems: Advanced Google […]

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December Adult Events at HPL

Check out these adult events happening in December! 12/4 – 6-7:30pm – Papercrafting and Card Making A card making and paper crafting class for beginners as well as those with stamping and papercrafting experience. Register for waitlist here. 12/4 – 6-7:30pm – English (ESL) Conversation Circle Would you like to practice your English with native […]

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November Adult Events at HPL

Check out these adult events happening in November! 11/8 – 6-8 pm – The Empireid: Film Screening and Discussion Meet local poet and filmmaker Mark Lipman as he presents the animated feature film of his epic mythological poem, The Empireid, followed by discussion and audience questions. Register here. 11/9 & 11/16 – 6-7 pm – Internet […]

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“Manhunter” by Michael Mann

Manhunter (1986) was the first installment in the Hannibal Lecter (in this movie “Lecktor”, don’t ask me why) films. Directed by Michael Mann (Thief, Heat, Collateral, The Insider), Manhunter is full of his trademark style, including striking lighting and a very ‘80s musical score. This movie is an adaptation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon, which […]

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“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” by Ana Lily Amirpour

The vampire in “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” (2014) doesn’t seem to relish being a vampire. It seems she’d rather be listening to music, or eating hamburgers brought to her by cute boys. There are only three kills in the entire movie, two of them perpetrated against men mistreating women. In between these […]

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“Mississippi Masala” by Mira Nair

Jay and Kinnu are a Ugandan couple of Indian descent living happily in Kampala with their daughter, Mina. In 1972, amid anti-Indian sentiment, Idi Amin orders all Indians out of the country, giving them 90 days to leave. Heartbroken, Jay, Kinnu, and Mina travel to England, and ultimately, a small town in Mississippi. Now present […]