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Adult Summer Reading Wrap-Up: Find Your Voice and Win Prizes!

--Adult Events General

Adult summer reading 2023 is coming to a close on September 1st! Have you gotten tickets for all your reads this summer? Stop by the Reference Desk or visit Beanstack to enter your tickets into any of our fun prizes for a chance to win! Tickets must be entered by September 1st.

We have a handful of prizes this year:

A photo of four tubes resting on a counter, labeled with logos of businesses (G's, Dunkin' Donuts, Barking Dog Ale House, and Market Basket), that serve as buckets to drop tickets in for gift card prizes. To the right of the four tubes is a box with a casette design and the words "Summer Reading Mix '23" on it, and a sign above reading Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone & Disco Lights." This box serves as a bucket to drop tickets in for the Bluetooth karaoke microphone and disco lights prize. Behind this box is a sign that reads "Adult Summer Reading; Sign up for bingo [rest obscured by box]."

Still Time to Join the Fun!

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! You can pick up a paper copy of the summer reading bingo sheet at the Reference Desk or register on Beanstack. Once you’ve signed up, simply read books and do activities that you might not usually do until you get a bingo! For every action you do you’ll get a ticket to win a prize. If you get a bingo, you’ll get five additional tickets, and if you complete your entire card, you’ll get ten additional tickets. You even get a ticket for signing up, so just joining the challenge will give you a chance to win a prize!