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Zoom Doodle with Cara Bean

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February 17 at 3:00pm

This playful workshop invites participants to draw and sketch in an open and relaxed environment. We begin with a few simple sketching games meant to inspire our imagination. As the session progresses, we generate interesting characters and settings. We then explore how words and pictures can come together to build a basic narrative. Participants write and draw their own stories inspired by their drawings. The final sketches they create culminate in a complete creative experience and are often surprising and always fun.

Cara Bean is the author of Draw 500 Funny Faces and Features and taught art at Lexington High School in Massachusetts for twelve years. She has an MFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Washington in Seattle and received a certificate in cartooning from the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida. She provides interactive workshops on creativity with people of all ages and backgrounds in various public forums. Cara is passionate about drawing and believes that the simple act of doodling on paper can lead to the investigation of complex ideas. When she is not teaching, she makes comics that delve into poetic self introspection, playful storytelling and topics relevant to teens and teaching. Cara is currently working on comics projects that speak directly to kids and address mental health. Cara lives in Massachusetts with her husband S.Matt and their dog Raisin.