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    The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

    This action-packed and very current novel begins in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown in New York City. Jamie Gray, a Ph.D. dropout, is fired by their entitled tech CEO and, desperate, ends up delivering food as a contracted driver for the same app company that fired them. One fateful delivery later to a college […]

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    Lapsit Storytimes

    Did you know that we have a storytime for children starting at birth? We do! It is never to early to start helping your child learn through reading and song. While this program is geared toward ages 0-2, we always welcome the older children and siblings that come as well. Join Joanna bi-weekly on Mondays […]

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    --Staff Picks

    “The Electric State” by Simon Stålenhag

    Part art book, part novella, “The Electric State” by Simon Stålenhag is a fascinating and bleak look into a bizarre alternate history 90s America. Physically larger than a typical hardcover book, most pages within are dominated by wide scenic vistas of a state in decline, beset by a slow moving catastrophe only mentioned in passing by the […]


    1st Floor Restroom Construction

    Big news! Starting Monday April 2nd our 1st floor restrooms are being entirely redone! They will be closed to the public for the duration of construction, approximately 2 1/2 months. The 2nd floor restrooms in the auditorium foyer will be the main public restrooms. They are elevator accessible. Please be patient with extra noise, dust, […]